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Alien Pirate (Standard Album)

Alien Pirate Cover

Modern Progressive Music with solid roots in the current of contemporary songwriting.

Influenced by contemporary singer/songwriter music, spiced with flavours from the fields of electronic music, TWARLEX presents his solo debut ALIEN PIRATE. Colaborating with musicians from all over the world he has created an album that is easy to get into and hard to put aside.

1. Let Loose (5:19)
2. Forever Lost (3:06)
3. Faded Away (3:57)
4. Means Nothing (3:55)
5. Life's What You Make It (4:30)
6. The Play (6:00)
7. Way Too Soon (4:02)
8. Take The Bait (3:37)
9. The Galactic Federation Of Tinfoil Hats (3:06)
10. Alien Pirate (4:29)
11 Road Retreats (3:40)
12. Unwritten Role (5:13)
13. Nothing Left (4:14)

Lyric Videos

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Lyric Videos

Forever Lost

Words and Music by Twarlex
Performed by
Kelly Bell: Vocals
Twarlex: Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Synths, Drums

Video created by Leona Hangya

Way Too Soon

Words and Music by Twarlex
Performed by
Nicole Gerdt: Reed Organ
Ron Wikso: Drums
Twarlex: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano & Synths

Video created by Onuruddho Ghosh (Onl9world)


Data File Music [database]
Siedenmoorweg 10
26180 Rastede


Twarlex: pigeon@twarl.xyz
Label: info@datafilemusic.com